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Shift to Mobile & Drive Your Business Growth

Launch Your Business With
Next-Gen Apps & Complete Tech Suite

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So Why Work With Us?
We make having your own app affordable.

Full-service along with Account Management and Client Support

  • Pre-call business analysis and research

  • Onboarding and feature selection call

  • Monthly follow-up calls

  • Call and email center for client support

  • Based in the USA

  • You are dealing with a customer service team that understands what you want and need.

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Scalable Pricing Model

  • Standard Applications are Available for a monthly lease fee.

  • You can add features as your organization grows. 

  • Custom packages and price points tailored to fit your needs

  • Professional Application with Your Logo and Branding. 


What Is The Total Cost For App Development?

  • The Final Cost of Developing an App

  • After looking at the various cost components, let’s come back to the primary question. What is the final cost to develop an app like Uber? Let’s look at the price breakdown.

  • Approximate cost to build an app like Uber or Food Delivery Application 

  • **Feature****Approximate Time****Approximate Cost**

  • Payment integration 3 to 6 weeks$6,000+

  • Geolocation features 3 to 6 weeks$6,000+

  • Ride scheduling3 to 6 weeks$6,000+

  • Booking a ride for others 4 to 8 weeks$8,000+

  • Split a fare 4 to 6 weeks$6,000+

  • Registration and profile2 to 3 weeks$3,000+

  • Notifications2 to 4 weeks$4,000+

  • Ride cost estimation1 to 2 weeks$2,000+

  • For Back-end (Framework and libraries integration)4 to 8 weeks$8,000+

  • For Android/iOS (Framework and libraries integration)4 to 6 weeks$6,000+

  • For Android/iOS (UI/UX development)6 to 10 weeks$12,000+

  • **Total for two apps (Android/iOS)****~4 to 8 months****~67,000+**

  • The cost to build an app like Uber may range anywhere between $67,000 and $150,000 for one or two user apps (for iOS and Android), respectively. You would also need to include the price of an admin panel development which could start at $14,000.

Cloud Features

The All-in-One Cloud

Automatic Backup

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User Management

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Mobile Apps

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Tribrid Technology

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Realtime Research

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Enterprise Ready

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Data Transport

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